Wall Safes

Wall Safes

Northern Safe Co.” adjustable wall safes are designed to provide hidden protection for documents and miscellaneous valuables. Our wall safes are designed for easy installation.

The adjustable depth of the wall safe gives you the ability to maximize and utilize all the usable space when installed in different wall thicknesses. The wall safe installs easily between 16″ on center wall studs. Start protecting and concealing all your valuables such as classified documents, jewelry, certificates, passports, cash and other valuable possessions inside a hidden safe. If wanting to access the safe during the night where lighting is poor or completely dark, there is an interior light that can be easily accessed with just a flip of the switch.

The wall safe can be completely unseen and hidden simply by covering it up with a painting, sculpture or book-shelve for unseen security against thieves and robbers. The safe also comes with a battery-operated

electronic lock that provides easy access for users and safeguarding against burglars. You can easily change your personal code in a matter of seconds. The electronic lock has a lockout penalty feature where if multiple incorrect combinations are entered, the unauthorized user will no longer be able to enter any more combinations. If you happen to misplace your code or the batteries die, the electronic lock features a mechanical override key feature to bypass the lock.

The hidden safes are built with strength and durability providing a solid steel quarter-inch thick door. It also has two Y4  inch diameter solid steel locking bolts that sink into the body of the safe. The recessed doors with concealed hinges provide smooth operation and access into the safe. These features provide the utmost safekeeping and protection against any forced attempt at prying it open. The attractive and simple off-white finish delivers a clean look that can easily adapt to the color and decor of your wall.

Northern Safes Co. ™

WS2014E Adjustable Wall Safe

Adjustable wall safes are designed to provide hidden protection for documents and miscellaneous valuables.  Our wall safes are designed for easy installation.

  • Designed to fit between the wall studs
  • Constructed of heavy gauge steel plate
  • Dial and digital locks
  • Electronic lock with manual override key
  • Uses 4 AA batteries with low battery warning signal
  • Predrilled holes with mounting bolts



221/2” H x 15″ W x 31/46” D


191/2” H x121/4” W x 21/2–41/4” D


0.3-0.7 cubic feet


40 pounds